Islamic Perks Part 1: Beat Your WIFE!!

Ever had a long day at work and come home to find a disobedient wife? Ever developed an urge at 3am in the morning and your wife is not providing  you her services? Well if you are Muslim, you are in luck! According to Surah 4:34 (seen below) it is permissible to lightly beat your wife if she does not act in obedience to your commands.

Beat Your Wife in Islam

This topic has been around for centuries but just recently the Council of Islamic Ideology chairman Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani spoke to journalists in Pakistan discussing passing legislation to lightly beat wives. Although the council cannot pass any laws themselves, they can suggest the legislating bodies to enact a law.

Some may wonder why the hell is such a law being presented in 2016. Well, It seems as though this is an act of retaliation to a law recently passed which focused on making it easier for women to report domestic abuse and introducing safety procedures until matters are resolved. Naturally, the committee found this Un-Islamic as it gives women more power than heavenly ordained.

Beat your wife in Islam

According to verse 2:282 in the Quran, if a woman testified as being raped, two male witnesses needs to be provided. If that is not available, then one male and two females would do the trick. Allah makes it quite apparent that women’s value in society is half that of men. This aspect is brought up many times in the Quran and the most astonishing thing about it all is that Muslim women find no problem with this issue. Woman have always been an object in Islam, one that should be covered, kept underneath and behind men. But this does not stop Muslim women to strengthen their beliefs in Islam.  Unfortunately, cherry picking verses is very common for these individuals as they need to keep providing themselves with confirmation bias to stay sane.

Some claim these verses are not literal and Allah is providing insights to how women should act towards their bread winners. Unfortunately this runs into the problem of what parts of the Quran should be taken literally and what parts not. But most take the teachings of the Quran word for word and accept their creator’s decree no matter how unfair they may seem, they assume Allah is all-knowing. The disparity in men and women’s rights in Islam raises a bigger question about the faith overall which will be discussed in a later topic! In the meantime, post what you think are good arguments to present to devout Muslimeens when discussing beating in Islam.