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  • IntroductionCanine atopic dermatitis (CAD) is a genetically predisposed inflammatory and pruritic allergic skin disease, associated to the production of IgE antibodies against environmental allergens, mainly mites and pollens (Lian and Halliwell, 1998; DeBoer and Hillier, 2001; Hill and DeBoer, 2001; Jackson et al., 2002; Farmaki et al., 2010;…[Read more]

  • Differences in pain perception were found between patients needing laser lithotripsy of 1 stone vs 2 stones, with those needing lithotripsy of only 1 stone reporting less pain. A possible explanation for this protoporphyrin ix is that laser lithotripsy was more prolonged in cases with 2 stones, and the longer procedure had a greater risk of…[Read more]

  • Terahertz polariton sidebands generated by picosecond acoustics in an optical microcavity with a quantum wellAll experiments reported in this gaboxadol paper were carried out in helium cryostat at temperatures T=1.8÷5K. The basic scheme of the first experiment is shown in Fig. 1, and the details of the studied structure may be found in Ref.…[Read more]

  • To meet the desired goals of quantitative molecular marker measurements with fast, simple imaging protocols, our group recently investigated a new modulated ARF-based imaging sequence. This strategy uses relatively short imaging protocols (3 min) that did not require lengthy waiting periods (Wang et al. 2013a). Briefly, this sequence provided c…[Read more]

  • AcknowledgementsThe authors would like to acknowledge the technical help from Khairani Hasuna Jaapar, Ahmad Fareez Mohd Rawi and Elyas Budiman Rahmat, as well as the financial support via the department undergraduate project (MEP research) fund for this project.IntroductionCoordination polymers (CPs) have played a significant role in the domain of…[Read more]

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    Materials and methodsIn this study several super ryanodine with different geometries were created. The structure of the super cells is exemplarily depicted in Fig. 1 and will be described in the following. The two materials considered, GaP and GaAs, crystallize in zinc blende structure and therefore exhibit cubic symmetry. At first a GaP layer…[Read more]

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    CTConclusionConflicts of interestSources of fundingKetamine has been used as an anesthesia agent since the 1960s and as a “recreational drug” for at least the past 2 decades, particularly in nightclubs, because of its well-known “k-hole effect” and psychological dissociation symptoms. According to a ketamine urinary analysis for drug abusers…[Read more]

  • TheoryWe discuss the dynamics of buy chir99021 vortex beams (and their superpositions) in a constant homogeneous magnetic field pointing in the z-direction, . Such a field gives rise to the vector potentialin the Coulomb gauge. The Hamiltonian of the system takes the formwhere is the observable kinetic or covariant momentum operator, whereas the…[Read more]

  • AcknowledgementsThe project was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 31101324), Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province, China (No. 2011JQ2003), Technology Transfer Promotion Project of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China (No. CXY1434(5)) and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of China (…[Read more]

  • Nevertheless, to our best knowledge there is no study providing a continuous dependence between the ESEM-derived size of wet latex or silica colloids and the coagulating concentration of electrolytes and a traditional picture of screening of the long-range EDL repulsion uses to be revived to explain only a decreasing size of these colloids at low…[Read more]

  • Centralization of prostatectomy has been a controversial topic in oncologic urology [32,33]. Although the evidence existed that outcomes did improve with higher experience [1,2], and that these improved outcomes translated to reduced costs of care [8], questions remained as to how these could be realized in practice. Our view, as supported by…[Read more]

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    The mean BWT was 10.7 ± 3.44 mm in all KC patients, 9.5 ± 3.81 mm in the five KC patients without AE, and 11.5 ± 3.21 mm in the eight KC patients with AE. The mean BWT of the focal thickening was 8.91 ± 2.67 mm in ulcer type IC patients. There was no difference in BWT between the controls and nonulcer type IC patients (p = 1.00). The total BMV was…[Read more]

  • Fibroscan has been considered an accurate, reliable and reproducible method for assessing liver fibrosis through LS measurements (Fransen van de Putte et al. 2011; Jang et al. 2012; Kim et al. 2012a, 2012b). Some studies have reported that FibroScan is a good diagnostic tool for detecting PHT, a common complication of liver fibrosis (Bureau et…[Read more]

  • In Fig. 5, the two coelenterazine -peaks accurately match the observed number of cracks visible in Fig. 6(d). Both peaks indicate the formation of new cracks 12 and 13. The first peak is related to diagonal crack 13 and associated with strong secondary AE activity after crack formation. Formation of crack 12 was accompanied by a very low number…[Read more]

  • Given the timing of our effects – 200 to 400ms after bepridil onset – one might ask to what extent these saccades contribute to correct object categorization. Previous studies suggested that reasonably accurate broad categorization of objects is possible even with exposure durations of around 100ms or less (Thorpe et al., 1996; VanRullen & Tho…[Read more]

  • In studies that included the amount of renal melanotropin change to access PRF, the percentage of parenchyma preservation plays the predominant role in predicting renal function. Recently, Shin et al proposed a calculus-based formula to calculate the resected and ischemic volume (RAIV) during PN. In their study, the correlation between RAIV and…[Read more]

  • IntroductionAcoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) elastography is an ultrasound-based elastographic method used mainly in non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis (Bota et al. 2013; Nierhoff et al. 2013), but also in evaluation of spleen stiffness, prediction of portal topotecan (Bota et al. 2012; Takuma et al. 2013) and assessment of thy…[Read more]

  • The second category corresponds to postprocessing techniques that work on the envelope image, e.g., by applying a median, Wiener, homomorphic, or bilateral filter or a multiscale filter based on wavelets. In most cases, a set of parameters is defined depending on the local statistics of the medium [13].The Thomson’s multitaper (TM) method can be c…[Read more]

  • Recently, Masuda et al. (2013) demonstrated that kinetic illusory objects were perceived with various material impressions. In this strontium chloride previous study, the subjective contours of the illusory object were composed of four sets of three concentric circles, and the constructional lines of a quarter segment of each set of circles were…[Read more]

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    AcknowledgmentsThis work was funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and it was part of the Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Assessment (MMEA) research program of CLEEN Ltd. The authors thank Anders Svens, Aleksi Malinen and Fanni Mylläri for assistance during the measurements.IntroductionIndividuals exposed to al…[Read more]

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