Jon Juhl

  • I left my residence at 8:30 pm as well as I reached the mouth of Indian Springs Canyon at 9:10 pm. This canyon lies in the Simpson Mountains which are a small range simply west of the Sheeprock Mountains. They are called for Captain James Hervey Simpson that checked out the desert in the late 1850’s. En route out I faced the Onaqui Hill wild…[Read more]

  • I left my residence at 8:30 pm and also I arrived at the mouth of Indian Springs union springs al post office canyon at 9:10 pm. As a result of the changing geology from the desert to the greater canyon, erosion was not very prevalent here as well as the water was really cold and clear as it reflected the moonlight I can see the rocks on the…[Read more]

  • As Louis L’amour when claimed “it was gaunt similarly a dead tree is gaunt”. Surprisingly, I did not have the creeps at all. I was gladdened that by the light of the moon I had actually come right up Indian Springs Canyon to the old town site. I parked my bike on a big spot of thick turf which was abundant in the area as well as strolled over to…[Read more]

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