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  • Response theory model (IRT) is usually employed to confirm the results of this study and it can be deemed as a limitation with the study. From this study arises the possibility for the application of your instrument to be expanded to other Portuguese-speaking countries, contemplating the outcomes of Step two (Translation synthesis, T1-2) from the…[Read more]

  • This revealed a clear pattern: homospecific combinations have been overrepresented (by 17 ) and heterospecific combinations had been underrepresented (by 16 ), with all other combinations close to anticipated representation (Table 2A). The variations amongst the three classes were hugely substantial (all round variations tested by ANOVA: F2,141 =…[Read more]

  • We report beneath two distinct patterns of non-random allelic transmission by F1 hybrids to offspring: 1) transmission ratio distortion and 2) epistatic departures from independent assortment of alleles at unlinked loci. Each may perhaps serve as post-mating reproductive barriers by reducing reproductive fitness of hybrids. The deviations from…[Read more]

  • Sample LMI070 Questionnaire Interview Interview Registry Questionnaire Questionnaire Registry Biol. Sample Questionnaire Interview Questionnaire Interview Registry Interview Registry Interview Interview1983 – 1998 1989 – 1995 1968 – 1998 1961 – 1985 1989 – 2002 1953 – 1992 1988 – 2003 1995 – 1997 1995 – 1997 1999 – 2008 1982 – 1991 1988 – 2003…[Read more]

  • 0 LOC_Os02g11680 LOC_Os04g56240 LOC_Os03g18070 LOC_Os04g48880 Alpha-galactosidase precursor, putative, expressed beta-amylase, putative, expressed fatty acid hydroxylase, putative, expressed glucosyltransferase, putative, expressed lipase, putative, expressed omega-3 fatty acid desaturase, chloroplast precursor, putative, expressed fatty acid…[Read more]

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