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Does God Really Hate Gays? A New View On Faith in Politics

Dear Society,

It is the year 2016 and what two people do in the privacy of their own homes is still a topic for discussion. This most certainly is thanks to the remaining conservatives of this country, and the other type of conservatives that are scattered all over the Islamic territories of this world.

I would like to begin by congratulating society for legalizing gay marriage. Although this is definitely a feat to be proud of, it’s really kind of sad… If it takes due process and law to give back people a part of their nature, we indeed are screwed.  Wake up, it’s faith that was keeping this from happening all these years.  According to many “Holy Scriptures,” gays are mentioned as those who have transgressed too far from God’s will and must be, in many cases, punished by death.

How hard is it to realize how insane this idea is?  Even the best of machines have some manufacturing defects but damn…  Did God really have to make gays in order to test his devout minions on making sure they don’t allow them to do what they want? If nature truly shows us signs of homosexuality in other forms of life how difficult is it to assume it may have a natural significance in organic life.  From simple deduction, one can assume homosexuality is nature’s method of population control. Or maybe not,  it may just be a statistical anomaly of  a certain group of offspring to receive a genetic variation that prevents it’s own legacy to continue. Simply a statistical error  that causes them to receive a different form of genetic coding and hormonal development.

Regardless of the science, it is an idea that really shows how much faith has had an influence on fiscal policies today. On a positive note, legalization of marriage does prove that closet-atheist do lurk inside the halls of the U.S. governing bodies… Now it is just a matter of time!